For Providers

Can you expand the range of procedures to complement your practice, grow your business, and care for more patients by offering anesthesia?

By offering anesthesia, you can provide a broader array of procedures that otherwise could not be performed easily in the office such as dental implants, cosmetic surgeries, and colonoscopies. You no longer need to leave your office or refer to your colleagues. Our professional services are free to you, and our fees are paid by the patient.

We offer anesthesia for outpatient procedures as a value-added service to you. It usually also means that procedures can be performed more efficiently, and patients leave more comfortable, and your patients will leave more satisfied with your care.

We bring our experience to the office-based practice to allow you to perform your procedure under optimal conditions while patients are carefully monitored for safety and comfort. We also bring the latest equipment and medications to your office so you can offer this service without increasing your costs and tablet computers for movies, music, and games and aromatherapy oils to create a more relaxing environment for your patients.

Anesthesia allows you to more efficiently perform just about any procedure. Of greater importance, it makes the procedure safer by having us monitor vital signs and ensure patient safety. Could offering anesthesia allow your business to thrive? If so, consider anesthesia for your practice.